KÖNIGSWEG supports and advises people, businesses and organisations on their path to further developing their potential and finding a constructive way to integrate change.

KÖNIGSWEG facilitates personal and organisational processes of development with a view to solutions, a systemic approach and long years of experience. Clear, effective and stabilising.

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Businesses, organisations and individuals cope with the complexity, quality
and pace of change in their respective environments by constantly seeking
a balance between preserving and replacing their strategies, structures
and rules

KÖNIGSWEG supports and facilitates decision-making and processes of change and strengthens its clients’ focus on results, their capacity for development,
and the efficiency
of their organisational and communication structures.



Businesses, organisations and individuals are in living, evolving interactive relationships with their environments and target groups. These, too, are constantly changing. A systemic examination and development of these relationships opens up ways for mindful and effective communication and interaction with the relevant environments.

KÖNIGSWEG provides consulting in designing effective communication processes and planning and implementing (customer) communication measures. This promotes trust and loyalty in the target groups.



Customers expect solutions and appreciation. Appreciating customers means establishing and actively building a relationship with them. In other words: listen, communicate, engage, motivate, and differentiate – all of which requires an active attitude.

KÖNIGSWEG examines customer relationship management from a systemic perspective and thereby offers an tool for reflection and development in the customer’s hands-on business practice, with the goal of better understanding the relationship system with the customer, developing possible avenues of action and acting as a self-determining manager when interacting with the customer.

A customer who feels appreciated will become a loyal customer.


Businesses, organisations and individuals evolve by examining novel concepts in an open-minded way and integrating them in a way that is compatible with the system.

KÖNIGSWEG provides new impetus and facilitates processes of integration – with experience, a non-biased, empathy and effective methods.


Degree in business administration from the
University of Cologne, 1990

Trainee, personnel officer, sales representative
Sony Deutschland GmbH

Freelance artist (painting, objects)

Project manager, production manager, CEO
T1 New Media GmbH / Bertelsmann (Multimedia service provider)

Managing Director
Andsold GmbH & Co.KG / Bertelsmann (Internet auction platform)

Senior Consultant / business developer
at Gruner + Jahr AG & Co.KG (Multimedia department of the publishing company)

Director Multimedia, manager of a group of print/online objects, business development
G+J Corporate Media GmbH / Gruner + Jahr (Corporate Publishing)

KÖNIGSWEG since 2007




I see my work as:
Systemic consulting based on my long years of experience as a consultant and executive in the media and communications industry and and my deep joy at being able to provide constructive support for the development processes of people and organisations.

My services include:
Expert consulting and professional process facilitation for businesses, organisations and individuals in developing and clarifying strategies, measures, structures, roles, relationships, attitudes and forms of communication in reference to their respective setting.

The results of our collective work are:
A socially intelligent, purposeful way of developing personality, teamwork and organisational structure, a measurable increase in the efficiency of coordination processes, and a higher degree of impact and clarity in communication – including with customers.

My maxim is: "Join first, then add".


Fields of consulting expertise:

  • Fine-tuning positions: develop strategies, clarify roles, expectations and stances.
  • Optimising interactions: design emotionally intelligent communications and efficient workflows.
  • Managing developments: examine areas of tension, develop alternative courses of action, integrate adjustments.

Modes of consulting:

  • Process planning and implementation
  • Process facilitation, moderation and coaching
  • Training of specific methods
  • Development of communication solutions

Shared path to success:

  • Clarify needs and define desired result
  • Develop and coordinate an overall concept for the process and specific measures/actions
  • Communicate the process and measures in a transparent way and put them into action (in one-on-one, team sessions and/or big size group-workshops)
  • Evaluate the process and monitor success



My work is based on a combination of my long years of practical experience as a manager with various methods including:

  • techniques from humanist-constructivist systemic coaching*, e.g. solution-focused questioning and intervention techniques from communication psychology and gestalt therapy,
  • the techniques for supporting team processes used in organisation development (OD),
  • methodenand various tried-and-tested moderation techniques,
  • resource-focused, transfer-efficient target-setting according to the 'Zürich Zurich Resource Model" (ZRM).

* Certified team builder and coach, 'die coachingakademie', Hamburg
(DBVC-accredited certificate)

achtsame Kommunikation

SCT (Systems-Centered Training):
An application-oriented methodology developed by the SCTRI (Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute, USA), for managing development processes in human systems.
Phase models of system development, management of communication processes and development of emotional intelligence are combined in a unique way.

Applied methods include:

  • Force-field analysis to reduce restraining forces in the development process and in achieving results.
  • Semantic analysis of verbal interaction (SAVI) to dissolve (destructive) patterns of communication.
  • Functional sub-grouping process for emotionally intelligent communication without “yes, but” blockages, and for a conflict-free integration of differences.

achtsame Kommunikation

ergebnisorientierte Kommunikation

ergebnisorientierte Kommunikation


Support responsible, results-driven communication through processes of delegation within teams. A clear concept that turns members of a system into active, responsible participants.

Primary fields of application: all sorts of meetings and coordination processes.
Also good for supporting management development.


The systemic-constructivist approach is based among other things on the works of various social, communication, natural and economic scientists: Gregory Bateson, Norbert Wiener, Warren McCulloch, John Neumann, Heinz von Foerster, Paul Watzlawick, Humberto Maturana, Niklas Luhmann and Stafford Beer.
Essentially, ‘systemic-constructivist thinking’ means two things:

  • There is no such thing as an objective reality. Each individual constructs their reality through their own perception of things. Problems are usually precisely such individual constructs: they are personal descriptions, explanations and assessments in dealing with a given situation.
  • Human relationships are complex systems that don’t work in a linear, cause-and-effect way. Instead, they consist of circular interdependencies with many different response patterns, reciprocal influences, and results that cannot be clearly predicted.


  • Reality is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Humans aren’t just “being”, they are “behaving” – depending on their environment.
  • All actions have a purpose and a meaning. So do problems.
  • Problems arise through problematic descriptions, explanations and assessments of situations. Often, they are solutions to earlier problems. Problems require appropriate recognition and appreciation.
  • People and organised systems (businesses, organisations) are the experts in solving their own problems. The coach/organisation developer supports the solution process by asking behavioural questions.
  • The coach/organisation developer thinks in terms of effects and takes a solution-oriented rather than problem-focused approach.
  • Mutual appreciation is the basis for the collaboration – as well as the starting point for developing socially intelligent communication.


Systemic coaching is defined as resource- and solution-oriented process consulting: The client (individual person, team, organisation) is an expert on their problems and solutions, while the coach serves as an expert on how to find solutions. The coach helps the customer to come up with individually appropriate solutions and gives systematic feedback. He avoids the kind of directive intervention (advice, instructions, suggested solutions) that is common to formal expert consultation and other forms of consultation. Systemic Coaching focuses on goals and can be evaluated using specific target criteria that are drawn up with the customer.

Systemic Coaching always examines the interactions (communication and/or conduct) within a system.

The coachee (client) analyses his “contribution” (part) and his options in the interactions, then develops alternatives to the problematic conduct or to his views and attitudes. The changes on the part of the coachee take place in terms of his conduct and/or his perspectives (constructs). Circular questions are one tool that can be of help in this, guiding the coachee to reflect on the situation from a different perspective. The client describes the possible /desired solution and analyses the factors needed to arrive at it, or on which the solution depends. Based on these insights, the coachee plans his (new) conduct and/or changes his perspectives (constructs) of the problem.

(Wikipedia, translated)

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A conversation is valuable when it provides inspiration and orientation – which means your time has been well invested. We do our part to make sure your investment pays off

... and look forward to talking to you!


Harald König
Kegelhofstr. 22
20251 Hamburg

Phone: +49-171-8669839
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Harald König
Kegelhofstr. 22
20251 Hamburg

Phone: +49-171-8669839

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